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A bit of rambling

I tried my best as a photographer to make photography about people, everyone is unique and everyone has a unique story; aim for that, and you will produce unique works. That was always my stategy.

Aside from a few tweaks in the darkroom, the photography featured herein is mostly in its natural form; full frame, straight out of the darkroom, ready for public consumption. Much of the photography featured here on this site has been published, albeit in a small biweekly college newspaper and suffice it to say much of it is pretty old predating the advent of digital photography.

The photos are organized into three main categories: Portrait Photography, Spot Photography and Inanimate Objects.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them. I am always happy to hear what others have to say, good or bad. Also, if you are thinking by chance that it is a shame I am no longer taking pictures, my gear is long gone, however, I have a nice professional camera rig picked out on my Amazon wish list if case you felt so inclined.

Finally... I sincerely thank you for stopping by.


Those photographers that most inspired me


People around me who helped hone my craft